Nine years ago my parents took my brother and me to the Boundary Waters for the first time. For me, it was like coming home. I fell in love, and, as I was recently reminded, I sobbed when it was time to leave. Since then, the BWCA has become “my place” – that space in the world that I want to be as much as I can, whenever I can.

Two years ago today, I was diagnosed with leukemia, which I guess makes today my “Diagnosaversary.” Or “Cancerversary” Something like that. I’d tell you about the experience, but most people aren’t terribly interested in the particulars of hair loss and vomit. The important detail is that I’m still here, and I’ve made it my mission to help save the Boundary Waters!

Saving the BWCA started as my “Wish.” I wanted to help, and using my Wish to protect this place we all love seemed the perfect ask. But along the way I’ve learned that life doesn’t work that way (so much wisdom between 13 and 15!). So while I still wish to save our wilderness, now I’m working at it, too.

There’s an obvious metaphor here: the toxic runoff from sulfide-ore copper mining on the borders of the BWCA is a cancer that will kill our wilderness. We cannot allow this to happen. I hope you will stand with me today in saying, “Not Here. Not Ever.”

Today, I have three little brothers who love the BWCA as much as I do, and so many friends who are working every day to protect this special place for all of us. But we need more; we need YOU, too.

Please add your voice to the Save the Boundary Waters campaign today. This Wilderness is in danger, and it deserves our protection.

Thank you,