Give a presentation:

Giving a presentation is a great way to get people engaged and informed.  It can also be a nerve-racking experience.  Our best advice is one, to practice beforehand a few times.  Know what you are going to say before you say it and be prepared to talk without much help from your slides or note cards.  Two, speak from the heart and include your own personal experiences.  Be genuine in your passion for the wilderness and people will grasp the importance of the issue.  Click Here for a powerpoint presentation that you can download and use as a template to get started building your own presentation.   

Fundraise on behalf of Kids4BW:


Write letters to your Representatives and Senators:

When writing letters to your congress people be sure to use proper grammar and spelling.  Sometimes it is helpful to type your letter first so you can make edits quickly and easily before writing it by hand.  As with presentations, feel free to inject your personal experiences, stories, and viewpoints into your writing.  Click Here for a generic letter template you can use to get started.


Call the offices of your Representatives and Senators:

When calling the offices of your congress people be sure to be very polite and friendly on the phone.  It is unlikely that you will get to speak with the member of congress themselves but you should always ask.  If they are not available, ask to speak with a senior staff member.  As always, use your personal experience as well as facts to convey the importance of the issue.  Click Here for a sample call script.

Attend our annual DC Fly-In:

Every June we take a large group of kids who are passionate about the Boundary Waters to Washington, D.C..  During this trip you will take part in intensive advocacy training sessions and receive first-hand lobbying experience during meetings with members of Congress, Departments of Agriculture and Interior, Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management.  Click Here for more information about our Fly-Ins and how to attend!

Take a trip to the wilderness with someone who has never been:

Taking a trip into the wilderness is an amazing experience but it can be daunting to plan on your own.  Visit our friends at Ely Outfitting Company for advice, information, and help planning your trip.